Our Community

DGL Apparel CommunityP4P is far from just a gym. Each member has their own story, goals, and life but we like to share and help each other like we are own family. This page represents different companies and businesses that flow through our community. Helping our members in and out of the gym is what we love to do.

DGL Apparel is a small business out of Reno, NV. They specialize in work out clothing and will ship to anywhere in the U.S. They currently sponsor one of our very own members (Stephanie) who definitely lives up to DGL’s message (Dream, Grind, Live). Be sure to check them out at http://www.dglapparel.com/.

Altitude Physical Therapy specializes in physical therapy and sports medicine. We are lucky enough to share our business space with this wonderful company. Plenty of our gym members have had wonderful work done by Michelle and her team. If you are in need of some out patient rehabilitation than look no further. Visit them at www.altitudephysicaltherapy.com.