”Why P4P?”

Pound 4 Pound is as proud of their elite training as it is of its friendly, supportive atmosphere. So whether you’re recovering from an injury or preparing for a sport, you’ll train like a pro amid a community of athletes of every age and skill level, each trying to do the same thing as you: reach a goal.

Pound 4 Pound is the answer to your fitness needs. Here’s how:

  • Our Coaches are the Best in the Business.
    With decades of elite training and athletic experience, our coaches know what works! They offer SKILLED instruction, motivation and modifications. At Pound 4 Pound, you’ll do movements the right way, and you’ll never have to worry about not being able to keep up OR leaving without a challenge!
  • Our Classes are Fun and Effective.
  • Our Gym is a Community.

Our kickboxing, cardio kickboxing and boot camp group classes are not only effective but enjoyable. People are friendly, and whether seeking a body transformation or just an excuse to get out of the house, our group classes hold you accountable and keep you coming back. Change up your fitness routine while pushing yourself and having fun every.single.time.

* Our Classes Improve Your Life.

“I love my workouts! Even when I don’t want to go, I always leave feeling better, feeling like I gave my all. I feel stronger mentally and better able to be more productive and successful in work — and in all areas of my life.” Amber Rowell, three year Pound 4 Pound member.

If you are a new member interested in joining our gym, you can schedule a tour/mini class to get comfortable with some basic techniques, tour the gym, meet coaches, staff, and some other members. We can sit down together and see what works for you and what goals you are working towards and how we can help you reach them. We offer these introductory classes Monday and Wednesday at 6:15pm and Saturdays at 10:00am. Email us at to get one scheduled today!


At Pound 4 Pound we like to work with people so that their fitness fits their budget. We do offer unlimited memberships as well as drop in class rates so that whether you come every day or just once a week, we have an option that will work for you.

Take advantage of our one free week and our free introductory class to see what we can do for you! Give us a call at 303-981-4819, email us at, or fill out a Contact Us form.

”Your First Class”

You may feel a little hesitation when trying to decide if you want to try a class or what class you want to try but we will be there for you every step of the way. We recommend you arrive about 15 minutes early to your first class so that you can fill out some paperwork and also get to meet everyone. We will show you the gym and help you gear up for your first class! Wear comfortable clothes and if you are participating in a kickboxing class we will provide you with a pair of gloves and highly recommend purchasing some hand wraps, which we will help you learn how to put those on. After that it’s all a matter of having fun and working up a sweat.