About Us


Pound 4 Pound fitness offers every athlete the highest level of instruction available. On our mats you’ll find individuals with a variety of personal fitness goals: sports enthusiasts looking to take their game to the next level, new mothers wanting to lose a few pounds, business executives seeking stress relief, seniors working to improve mobility – even professional athletes training for their next competition!

At Pound 4 Pound, we know success stems from both physical and mental toughness. You will be more than just a number and our instructors design their kickboxing and boot camp classes to make every athlete stronger — both in and outside of the gym.

Pound for pound, we offer the best instructors, classes, community and total life transformation!

If you are a new member interested in joining our gym, you can schedule a free tour/mini class to get comfortable with some basic techniques, tour the gym, meet coaches, staff, and some other members. We can sit down together and see what works for you and what goals you are working towards and how we can help you reach them. We offer these introductory classes Monday and Wednesdays at 6:15 pm and Saturdays at 10:00 am. Email us at info@p4pkickboxing.com or fill out a Contact Us Form too get one scheduled today!

We also offer one free week of classes to new members.


What started out as my wife getting my butt off the couch and dragging me to a workout class has turned into a love affair with fitness, Muay Thai, and kickboxing. The coach’s – Justin Houghton and Vic Brabo push you to your limits and then some. What I love about this place is everybody’s fitness level is different and they understand that. The classes are taught so that a newer member feels comfortable right alongside the people who have been there for years. Everybody is very supportive and it really is like a family. I would recommend P4P to anybody looking to not only get in shape but to challenge themselves physically and mentally! You won’t regret it!


I have been with Justin and Pound 4 Pound for about 2 ½ years now and it was the best decision I have ever made. I had just given birth to my 3rd child and I was in pretty bad shape with my health overall and I had worked out in the past but nothing ever really stuck with me. I came across a Groupon for kickboxing and asked my husband if he would be interested in doing it with me and that’s how we got started. It was by far the hardest but most rewarding workout I ever experienced and we were hooked. Not only did I start feeling better about myself but I started losing weight and more importantly I met some of the best people in my life that motivated me and encouraged me. The trainers and the people make it more than a gym.. it’s a family, it’s a community of support with people from all different walks of life that come in and leave it all on the mats. I have fallen in love and still love it more than anything. This place has become a major part of my life that will never fade away.


Pound 4 Pound is more than a gym, it’s like family. It’s a place to put it all out there and walk away feeling like you gave everything you had. The coaches keep you motivated and push you to the next level, to take you an extra step further to become better and better. I started at P4P a few years ago and couldn’t imagine life without this crazy place and these amazing people. I was in search for a place that could WEAR ME OUT and help me achieve the changes I wanted to start making. I wanted a place that would make me feel like I couldn’t throw one more wall ball, push the sled one more foot or pedal another second on the airdyne bike. But it’s not all out all the time. We have fun in there and you can make the workouts as hard or as modified as you want. It really depends on what each person’s overall goal is. Coach Justin has perfected figuring out how to get you to reach that goal. He has pushed me and been a huge motivator. His motivation not only gets me through his bootcamps, but also gets me through my weekends of obstacle course racing.